JevonDamaus Hayter

Rookie (2-27-1979 / Flint Michigan)

Biography of JevonDamaus Hayter

Jevon D. Hayter is owner and CEO of Damaus Marketing LLC. A marketing training company that helps people develope the knowledge and skills it takes to be successful on the internet. He was born in Flint Michigan for son of a penetcostal preacher and business man. He as 3 older sister's all you have graduated from various University's in Michigan. Jevon went to college in Tennessee before entering the work force and working his way to several management posistions including District Manager where he had great success. Jevon has been writing since the 11th grade when he first noticed his gift to express his feelings through poetry. Over the years he has developed this gift to bring us this body of work we enjoy today! Updates


Life is what you make it, sometimes the road gets trecherous. But if your still breathing the game isn't over, you can still have the range rover. The gift that's inside is as lucky as a four leaf clover. The key is to have faith that you can put the world on your shoulders. What you want is what you can have, but you can't quit or your bound to b

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