Jharlin Saloma

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Ive always love to write poems, its something that's helped me go through my hardships in life. Poetry is a passion that will always stay true to me and something that i know can always look back on in life and be proud of. If its one thing people should know it's the fact that everything and everyone inspires me to create poems so i really should thank the world on that. But mainly the ones who have helped me and have encourage me to never give up on poetry and to let others enjoy it so thanks you guys, that's exactly why i call you three my best friends.

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What Is It?

no matter how many stories i hear,
or people you've hurt,
i still find myself liking you,
even more for that matter maybe,
it's the thrill of the chase i found exciting,
then again it was also the way you manged to talk so smoothly to me without hesitation,
that too also got me interested,
the more i searched the more i found myself falling head over heals,
what is it that i saw in you?

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