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Ive always love to write poems, its something that's helped me go through my hardships in life. Poetry is a passion that will always stay true to me and something that i know can always look back on in life and be proud of. If its one thing people should know it's the fact that everything and everyone inspires me to create poems so i really should thank the world on that. But mainly the ones who have helped me and have encourage me to never give up on poetry and to let others enjoy it so thanks you guys, that's exactly why i call you three my best friends.

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Strange Love

They tell me to be strong
but i want to be weak,
they say get over him
but i just can't seem to do that,
they say to move on
but where to when I'm fine here with you,
they say your rude and mean to me
but that's only once in a while,
sure you hurt me
but the pain is the only way i know your real

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