Jill Alexander Essbaum

Biography of Jill Alexander Essbaum

Jill Alexander Essbaum (born 1971 in Bay City, Texas) is an American poet, writer, and professor. Her most recent collections are the full-length manuscripts Harlot (No Tell Motel, 2007) and Necropolis (neoNuma Arts, 2008). Essbaum's poetry features puns, wordplay and dark humor, often mixed with religious and erotic imagery. She currently teaches at the University of California Riverside Palm Desert Graduate Center in the Masters of Creative Writing Graduate Program. Essbaum's debut novel, Hausfrau will be published in March 2015 (Random House).

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Parting Song

it is one day without you.

Then two.
And soon,

our point: moot.
And our solution, diluted.

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