Jill Ferrey

Rookie (1977/11/26 / Virginia, South Africa)

Jill Ferrey Poems

1. A Time And A Place? 4/1/2008
2. Elemental Chemistry 2/9/2009
3. Be Still My Beloved….. 2/9/2009
4. For Dad 2/9/2009
5. Remembrance Of You 2/9/2009
6. Isolated Necessity….. 2/9/2009
7. Stirrings Of Life 2/9/2009
8. Alive 2/9/2009
9. In Her Own Shadow. 3/31/2009
10. Blood Bled For Love 3/31/2009
11. Beginning Yet No End 3/31/2009
12. Abandoned Souls 8/23/2007
13. Invisibly There? 8/23/2007
14. Unspoken Regret 2/5/2008
15. Monsters Of The Night 2/5/2008
16. Destructive Practices 8/23/2007
17. Farewell Matriarch Of The Maternal Line 8/23/2007
18. O A Troubled Soul.... 8/23/2007
19. Hauntings Of A Broken Past 8/23/2007
20. Ode Of I 2/5/2008
21. Darkness Of Mind, Darkness Of Soul 8/23/2007
Best Poem of Jill Ferrey

Darkness Of Mind, Darkness Of Soul

Darkness beckons to her, its long reaching fingers
touching her to her very soul
its the darkness to which she may not surrender
no matter how much sweeter the prospect

darkness invites her to come, and rest
darkness promises her to eternal, blissful rest
it assures her that her troubles will be left behind
no more pain to be felt, no more ties to bind

darkness, the sweet, eternal friend
when in fact it would be her final brutal end
the temptation to give in, to giver over to the darkness
is always present, as her life is in a constant mess

she ...

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Invisibly There?

She sits alone, with no one to listen
No one to see her tears that glisten
On the ends of her long lashes
As the memories come back in flashes

She sits alone in a silent world of despair
With a soul in a constant sate of disrepair
She seems so lonely, so very lost
At her feet lie the letters she will never post

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