Jillian crawford

Rookie (10-10-1991)

Biography of Jillian crawford

My bilological parents where drug addicts later they had all together 13 kids and all of them went to foster homes then my biological fathers sister(my ant)
took them all in exsept my little sister and me, we got adoppted by Mr and MRS Rios a hispanic Married couple and later my ant adoppted my other brothers and sisters and now and before i hated that i dont live with them and with my adopptive parents it is vary lonely. the school i go to is surrounded my bullies and class clowns, and i have social anxiety dissorter and it affects my daly life, i want to live with my and because its where i belong, no here.

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The Unfinished Girl

lets trade places
you and me
so through my eyes
you can see
this hell
they call home
rising up a syndrome
locked in my room
all day long

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