Jim Boone

Rookie - 112 Points [Jim Boone Poetry] (March 24,1937 / McKinney, Texas)

Jim Boone Poems

41. Frottage 10/17/2011
42. Matthew I: 1998 10/17/2011
43. One Hazel And One Green 10/17/2011
44. Bicycle Man 10/17/2011
45. I Know About Darkness 10/17/2011
46. There's A Burden 8/14/2011
47. Jimmy Stewart & Jimmy Boone 9/26/2011
48. There's An Ingrained Panic 10/18/2011
49. Heart Beats: Provication 10/18/2011
50. Only Fools Never Doubt 10/22/2011
51. F A I T H 10/24/2011
52. Line Virgin 10/26/2011
53. O B L I G A T I O N 10/26/2011
54. Come Saturday Morning 10/26/2011
55. I Keep Myself Busy 5/4/2011
56. Looking Back And Around 5/4/2011
57. Osama Bien Laden Is Dead 5/3/2011
58. Dear Jim Boone 10/29/2011
59. Catch An Appaloosa 10/29/2011
60. May I Have This Dance? 10/29/2011
61. Gladys Glover - Jimmy Boone 10/30/2011
62. Before Dawn 10/30/2011
63. Psychedelic 10/30/2011
64. Everyone Has Scars 10/30/2011
65. Rsvp To Life 10/30/2011
66. Come As You Are 10/30/2011
67. The Best They Can 10/30/2011
68. Before The Parade Passed Me By 10/30/2011
69. Someone Like You 10/30/2011
70. Journey 10/30/2011
71. Jonestown Wipeout 10/30/2011
72. S P A C E 10/30/2011
73. The Moment 10/30/2011
74. You'Re The One 10/31/2011
75. What's It Like 11/2/2011
76. A L M O S T 11/2/2011
77. Time 11/6/2011
78. Exquisite Agony 11/6/2011
79. Three 3 Times 11/7/2011
80. This Is Not A 'Free' Country 11/8/2011

Comments about Jim Boone

  • Jim Boone Jim Boone (1/17/2014 3:04:00 PM)

    Come on now, help me out. I have gotten some much appreciated comments about what you have read and 'liked' on here. Please take time to record your comments so others might be persuaded to take time and give a read. Thanks, Jim

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  • Hayden Shreeve Hayden Shreeve (7/12/2012 11:44:00 PM)

    Jim would have to be one of the most refreshing poets i have had the pleasure of reading. His writing style is unique, passionate and inspiring. I enjoy his work very much

  • Smoky Hoss (10/25/2011 7:41:00 PM)

    Jim is a fine writer, a wonderful poet. I find inspiration alongside admiration for him and his poetry. I thoroughly enjoy reading his work. I look forward to reading all of his new poems.

Best Poem of Jim Boone

Character Traits

We march to our own ‘drummer’
And we are known as ‘Characters’
We’re unique and proud of it
Poets and know it
Mold breakers with a smile
Little and cute, big and bold
Nelly as pink ink
Got balls and a lot of game
Talent? We got plenty
Gumption is our middle name
We have no intention to ‘fold’
Got a tune in our hearts
A notion in our brains
Always armed with a come-back
When we’re down, don’t try to count
Us out because we’re gettin up
If we like you, you got a friend
Right up to the rough, touch and
Joyful, gotta shout, memorable ...

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Physically Speaking

Each time I see you
My eyes begin to race
Around and over your body
Embracing your beautiful face.

My heart pumps the blood faster
Causing each nerve to tingle
Noticing I am aroused
You smile, move on

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