Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes Poems

1. Honey Bees 9/29/2015
2. Summer Storm 9/30/2015
3. Stubborn Dog 10/10/2015
4. Why 2/13/2016
5. The Forest Dance 2/22/2016
6. The Harvest 2/23/2016
7. Crossroads 12/21/2016
8. Tea Table 3/9/2017
9. Beyond 4/3/2017
10. Faith 4/8/2017
11. Alqonquin 4/9/2017
12. The Invasion 4/9/2017
13. Copy Cat 4/10/2017
14. Common Cold 4/14/2017
15. Insomnia 4/16/2017
16. Pandora The Milking Goat 4/29/2017
17. A Mother's Love 5/12/2017
18. That Special Song 7/18/2015
19. My Super Power 3/7/2015
20. Happy Boy 3/1/2015
21. Younger Years 2/25/2015
22. Puppy Love 3/7/2015
23. I Think Of You 2/24/2015
24. Kingscote Lake 9/28/2015
25. My Uncle Jack 2/25/2015
26. Poet 7/23/2015
Best Poem of Jim Holmes


If I was a poet I'd write from the heart,
Searching for themes to bring pleasure and joy,
With a stroke of the pen like a fine piece of art,
I'd sketch out my thoughts for all to enjoy,

The words would rush from my scribbling hand,
I'd fashion out rhymes that I choose to disperse,
Flowing onto paper under my command,
Displaying themselves in prose and in verse,

I'd write with such charm and inspiring wit,
Jotting down anecdotes in elegant form,
Stretching the truth if my honour permits,
Embellishing stories as I watch them transform, ...

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Younger Years

I dreamed a dream of simple things,
Of times gone bye of younger years,
When I played the games of heroic kings,
And heard the chants of playful cheers,

I spent my time chasing boyhood goals,
And hiding out in homemade forts,
I marched along on leisurely strolls,
Off exploring my kingdom of sorts,

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