Jim Yerman

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Jim Yerman Poems

561. A Place At The Table 6/10/2017
562. What Kind Of Tea? 6/11/2017
563. Birthdays 6/12/2017
564. Friendship 6/13/2017
565. A Plea From July The 3rd 7/3/2017
566. Freedom 7/4/2017
567. The Best Days 7/5/2017
568. From A Distance 7/6/2017
569. One Happy Couple 7/7/2017
570. When A Grandpa Holds His Grandson 7/8/2017
571. Her Garden In The Sky 7/9/2017
572. Home 7/10/2017
573. Broken Branches & Fallen Leaves 7/11/2017
574. What Brothers And Sisters Do 7/12/2017
575. The Wonder Of Each Rose 7/13/2017
576. Not For Sale! 7/14/2017
577. Nature's Beauty Secret 7/15/2017
578. How I Grow Up 7/16/2017
579. He Wanted To Write Her A Love Song... 7/17/2017
580. An Old Climbing Tree 7/18/2017
581. More Moments Of Contentment 7/19/2017
582. More Footprints In The Sand 7/20/2017
583. Whitman And Bo 7/21/2017
584. What Makes Us Beautiful 7/23/2017
585. The Friends We Had Back Then 7/24/2017
586. Writing Words Of Love 7/25/2017
587. Lost 7/26/2017
588. Restoring Our Humanity 7/27/2017
589. Memories: By Da Vinci & Monet 7/28/2017
590. The Little Bird 7/29/2017
591. Moments Of Love 7/30/2017
592. Remembering What It Looks Like 7/31/2017
593. What It Looks Like 7/31/2017
594. Happily Ever After 8/1/2017
595. Ode To Mommy's Summer Vacation 8/2/2017
596. Life Threw Her A Curve 8/3/2017
597. Two Old Cookie Sheets 8/4/2017
598. Nature's Symphony 8/5/2017
599. Why Not You And I? 8/6/2017
600. Magic Moments 8/7/2017
Best Poem of Jim Yerman

A Crooked Old Tree

There was once an ancient Chinese philosopher sitting under a crooked old tree
Who spoke on the subject of judging others, and how we need to think differently.

“When this tree was younger, ” he said, “it caused many people to gape
It was covered with bulges and its trunk and branches were contorted way out of shape.

Master carpenters, the ones who use wood in the ships and the homes they create
Were not looking for wood that was twisted, they needed their wood to be straight.

When they looked at the gnarly and misshapen branches displayed in this crooked old ...

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The Ipad Shuffle

It’s funny with all the technology available to which we have access
Unless it is our fingers and hands we exercise less and less.

But I have found the exception to this technological repercussion
That I gladly enter now into the exercise discussion.

I truly love the IPAD it has made life much better than before
But Deborah’s love borders on obsession …yes she’s and IPAD whore.

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