Jimmie Arrington

Freshman - 692 Points (October 03,1984 / Phoenix, Arizona)

Biography of Jimmie Arrington

Jimmie Arrington poet

I was born in Phoenix Arizona. I had a wonderful childhood. Life for me would be easy, despite what others would say. I would live and be happy. I would love and be admired. Then suddenly one day everything changed. My idealistic life and sweet dreams vanished.

I began writing when my grandpa suddenly died of a heart attack in 1997. I was twelve years old and reality hit. There were emotions and memories I needed to get out and I couldnt express them in any other way or form. From there I began writing about everyday life, about lost dreams, about anything but reality. I began to write about love; of chasing it, being in it, losing it and everything in between. Sometimes I write about the impossible; about things that could never be. I write to escape.

My favorite poets who have comforted me in hard times and inspired me in my writings are Walt Whitman, Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Wordsworth, Edgar Allan Poe, Johnathon Swift, John Keats, A.E. Housman, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Matthew Arnold and many more. My favorite poet is John Clare.

I hope you will read and enjoy these emotions written from my heart and soul.

Jimmie Arrington's Works:

The Poetry of Jimmie Arrington
Volume One - The Early Years

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#356 The Wall

Much like I was, she was scarred
And searching for repair.
Love had severely burnt and charred
Our hearts within its flare.

She found comfort in gentle arms,
I found solitude and poise.
She was a sucker for my charms,
I was enthralled by her ploys.

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