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Born in middle class vaishnav family.
i don know pooja-path sort of things, but i feel a strong connection with the lord krishna-he is my source of inspiration and hope, he has been there as best friend forever, he guides me through darkness.
Expressing is the hardest thing for me...and writing it in words easier most of the times...

Am a bit introvert by nature which makes it difficult for me to express myself and makes me somewhat lonesome.

Came here to share my experiences of life as currently there is no in life to share anything at all…

There are some goods friends whom i seldom meet…
There are some people whom i daily meet but they never ever bother about anything may be i am in such a field…

Pouring out becomes inevitable after certain limtis…

Life is really beautiful has been the only thing that i keep saying to myself...

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Strange loneliness in the air surrounds,
Isolated in some room
only me with myself.

Something unknown keeps me bound,
Nothing can reach me
Niether can I go out.

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