João Tomaz Parreira

Biography of João Tomaz Parreira

João Tomaz Parreira poet

J.T.Parreira was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1947. Portuguese poet, evangelical poet. Writer.Journalist.
Since 1966.
'My poetry speaks about God and the Humankind. I look for in the deepest of men, his values, his beauty and his suffering.'- he said. In portuguese television(RTP2) , 'Caminhos', em 2002.

João Tomaz Parreira's Works:

Published 4 books of poetry, and a book about theological essay.
Este Rosto do Exílio,1973
Pedra Debruçada no Céu,1975
Pássaros Aprendendo para Sempre,1993
Contagem de Estrelas,1996

Theological Essay:
O Quarto Evangelho,1988

Poems in:
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The Bullfight

Man and bull disarm
one another
bodies touch
as arrows
reach their targets
touching his suit of lights
and the bull's dark hide
coloring the wind
and the soil of bullring
man and bull
do not deny the contest
until blood
soaks the sand.