Joalisa De Jesus

Rookie (Puerto Rico)

Biography of Joalisa De Jesus

First of all I could like to say God bless you. I really don't have a lot to say about myself because I ani't here for nothing special. I am just here because I don't know what to with my poems and I want it out in the world. I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who one day I hope to married.Eric I love u baby. I have a beautiful daughter who mean the world to me. Nobody can come in to my life without accepting Eric or my daughter as well the best friend in the entire world David and my best friend Crystal. If u don't acceppt all five of us then u mean nothing to me all 5 of us is one person u can't separten us. Well about me I like to write poems as u can see that on here. I like to chill with my family and friends. I like to dance and do art. I really lay back and down to the earth person so I don't do dramas or any rumors. If u got something to say about me or my people u better say it in my face. So hater keep on hating because I still going tp shine the world. Peace

Joalisa De Jesus's Works:

I had published no books but hopin one day I will. Updates


I'm tired of the tears,
And I'm tired of crying.
I'm tired of forgiving,
And I'm tired of trying.

You stabbed me in the back,
Yeah your a bonafide traitor.
My love for you was great.
But my hatred for you is greater.

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