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Joan Fontanilla Balmania poet

She finished her Bachelor's degree in English and was a columnist in her university's publication where her poems were first published. Her early literary works are regarded by her mentors as 'a work of someone who loves her craft' and are 'moving and inspiring.'

Joan is an active member of a theater guild. She writes and acts on stage. She has written and directed her own film which won her the Best Director and Best Picture award in her university's annual indie film festival. She is now an English instructor.

Joan Fontanilla Balmania's Works:

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Ballad Of Contempt

Problem with boys
They think of your being friendly as flirtatious
And interpret politeness as having desires over them
They'll go easy on you
And you'll eventually be left with the reasoning
That they didn't like you at the first place
When in fact it's them who flirted first