Joan Marques

Rookie (Paramaribo, Suriname)

Biography of Joan Marques

Joan Marques poet

Joan Marques facilitates courses in business and management at a university in Burbank, California. She has authored/co-authored 6 books on the topics of Leadership, Global Awareness, workplace performance, and self mastery. She presents a weekly radio column in the Netherlands; and regularly co-organizes workshops for business and non-profit organizations in Los Angeles. She is the editor of 2 business journals and one on global awareness. Her hobbies are music and writing.

Joan Marques's Works:

1) Empower The Leader in You!
2) The Global Village
3) Spirituality in the Workplace: What it Is; Why it Matters; How to Make it Work for You
4) The Awakened Leader: One Simple Leadership Style that Works Every Time, Everywhere
5) Seasoned Adages for Modern Day's Leaders: Lessons about Life Presented in 101 Old Sayings Inherited from Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Amazon Forest Indigenous
6) Interbeing: Thoughts on Achieving Personal and Professional Excellence Toward Greater Mutuality Updates

Peaceful Dwellings

Hazy mountains or lazy rivers
Morning glory or twilight quivers
Wavy oceans with sandy slivers
All are instances of peace givers

Silent nights between the sheets
Quiet parks with wooden seats
Rustling wind through empty streets
Those are also peaceful treats

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