joan white

Rookie (0-15-1961 / sumpter south carolina shaw air force base)

Biography of joan white

My name is Joan white I was born Joan Elizabeth Norwood
to the parents Master Sargent Johnny R. Norwood, and Carolyn cooper Norwood, I have one brother, and one sister, I have two sons. I started writing when I
was small to pass the time on long trips, and believe me when I say we went on alot of long, long trips. any way since then writing has became my passion. My goal is one day to publish a book of poetry, and some childrens books as well. So I guess what I am trying to
is Market my work, and if people like it maybey they
will tell some one, and so forth and so on. Updates

City Slicker

Every summer I went to stay with My Aunt and Uncle
On their Farm
My Uncle called me City Slicker, I knew he met no harm.

I guess that was really, what I was back then
I cant tell you all the airplanes that we flew in.

Now I had some cousins, that was full blooded country
from their shoes, to their hat.

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