Joanna Baillie

(1762-1851 / Scotland)

Joanna Baillie Poems

41. Elegy On The Abrogation Of The Birth-Night Ball, And The Consequent Final Subversion Of The Minuet 4/15/2010
42. Epistle To Earl Harcourt, On His Wishing Her To Spell Her Name With Of Catherine With A K. 4/15/2010
43. Evening 4/15/2010
44. Fair Mead Lodge 4/15/2010
45. Female Picture Of A Country Life 4/15/2010
46. Fothringay 4/15/2010
47. Fragment Of A Poem 4/15/2010
48. Cameronian Dream 4/15/2010
49. Chorus Of Greek Matrons 4/15/2010
50. De La Charite Pour Les Pauvres Prisonniers, Dieppe 4/15/2010
51. Devon’s Poly-Obion 4/15/2010
52. Hooly And Fairly 4/15/2010
53. Lines Suggested By A Portrait Of The Queen, Taken On The Last Examination Previous To Execution 4/15/2010
54. Lord John Of The East 4/15/2010
55. Love 4/15/2010
56. Mac Duff's Cross 4/15/2010
57. Maid Of Llanwellyn 4/15/2010
58. Malcolm’s Heir 4/15/2010
59. Night Scenes Of Other Times 4/15/2010
60. On A Sleeping Boy 4/15/2010
61. Lines Written In Lady Lonsdale's Album, At Lowther Castle, Oct.13,1821 4/15/2010
62. Lines Written In The Autumn Of 1818 4/15/2010
63. Lines Written On The Field Of Quatre Bras, 1821 4/15/2010
64. Lines, Written At Athens In 1820 4/15/2010
65. On Reading Walter Scot’s 4/15/2010
66. On The King's Illness 4/15/2010
67. Paestum 4/15/2010
68. Prelude 4/15/2010
69. Rhymes 4/15/2010
70. Rhymes For Chanting 4/15/2010
71. School Rhymes For Negro Children 4/15/2010
72. Second Devotional Song 4/15/2010
73. Second Nursery Lesson (Admonitory) 4/15/2010
74. Select Verses From The 147th Psalm 4/15/2010
75. Song #9 4/15/2010
76. Song For An Irish Melody 4/15/2010
77. Song Written At Mr. Thomson’s Request 4/15/2010
78. Song Written For A Welch Air 4/15/2010
79. Song Written For A Welch Air Called 4/15/2010
80. Song Written For A Welch Air Called 4/15/2010

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Best Poem of Joanna Baillie

A Summer Day

The dark-blue clouds of night in dusky lines,
Drawn wide and streaky o'er the purer sky,
Wear faint the morning purple on their skirts.
The stars that full and bright shone in the west,
But dimly twinkle to the stedfast eye;
And seen, and vanishing, and seen again,
Like dying tapers smoth'ring in their sockets,
Appear at last shut from the face of heav'n;
Whilst every lesser flame which shone by night,
The flashy meteor from the op'ning cloud,
That shoots full oft' across the dusky sky;
Or wand'ring fire which looks across the marsh,
Beaming like candle in a...

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A Hymn For The Kirk

O LORD of earth and Heaven,
Whose love and power have given
The solid ground and floating air
And circling ocean, regions fair,
To be the home of moving life,
The busy seats of joy and strife,--
To thee with fear and love we raise
A song of praise.
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