Joanna Costello

Biography of Joanna Costello

22 year old writer, recently graduated in English Literature and Creative Writing.
Passions include writing,19th Century history and literature, thrills, pugs and the colour purple!
Underated poem of the week: Sharon Olds - Waste Sonata

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Published in:
Bath Spa University Anthology 2008
B-eat magazine 'Upbeat' Autumn 2009 Updates

Sonnet To The Brontes

The Bronte Sisters by Patrick Branwell Brontë, c.1834. Oil on Canvas, National Portrait Gallery

You sit so still in your crusted frame
as if you left your soul-prints on the wall,
each retained themselves within the muse
of the perfect portrait of your flaws.
Your concealed smiles veiled under paint are
enigmatic, mischievous like your books.