Joanna E. King

Biography of Joanna E. King

I have enjoyed poetry ever since I began reading and writing it in grade school. First, it just a fun game to rhyme the words. Slowly the rhyming and the meter and word usage intrigued me more. I enjoy the metaphoric challenge of words telling a story, or a symbolic stanza or two for fun. Whatever turns out when I sit down and begin composing is usually the result of something of my experience or that of someone very close to me. All emotions can erupt and escape to be free and not stay bottled up. Along my path, I have been honored to have had several of my creations published through different poetry societies and continue to do so.

Misfortune arose when I lost two spiral notebooks full of creations in two floods while living in Houton, TX for a bit. So, on to the task of creating new ones!

Writing poetry is very therapeutic for me. I was away from it for awhile, but have found my way back. I suffer from a chronic pain disability, so I am not very mobile and pretty much housebound. My writings keep me and my mind active. I also look forward to reading the writings of others on PoemHunter. I am so very grateful to you all for allowing me to share our creations. I look forward to your comments and suggestions, as well.

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