Joba Akinola

Biography of Joba Akinola

I'm a male Nigerian who writes deeply inspired poetry of many forms and themes, transversing politics and love, to spirituality and philosophy. An eclectic poet indeed. I believe that poetry is not an art form intended to be written just for the fun of it, (though it is definitely meant to enjoyed, hence its beauty) but with a wider view to enlighten and heighten social consciousness. So I always say to the modern poet: 'Keep it conscious, if you lose it, your poetry's dead...unconscious.' I also perform spoken word poetry.

Joba Akinola's Works:

Still cooking 'em books! ! ! Updates


Those sultry nights, those salty thighs she parted for me,
Her own pearly gates, wrapping me and giving me a taste of heaven,
Sadly, it was all pearls before swine, for I was undeserving.

Through those lonely cold dusks she gave her dawn to me,
Warming my loins with the pore in her core - the furnace in her oven,
Those sultry nights, those salty thighs she parted for me.

Her care, her love and her trust she forever lavished on me,

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