Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar

Freshman - 971 Points (Philippines/Australia)

Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar Poems

201. The Kiss Of Forever 1/7/2018
202. The Master Of My Fate 1/7/2018
203. Shout The Mouth Of The Lion 1/7/2018
204. Infinity Of Love 2/6/2018
205. Time And Reason 3/27/2018
206. Lord We Need You 5/1/2018
207. Palabra De Honor 6/23/2018
208. Repentance 6/23/2018
209. Spare Us To The Hands Of Your Enemy 7/14/2018
210. Yaweh 9/4/2018
211. The Hero 10/4/2018
212. The Creator And I 10/4/2018
213. God's Love 10/4/2018
214. Ocean 10/4/2018
215. Giving Realization Of The Matter 12/29/2018
216. Stop Weeping 7/25/2019
217. Prayer Prayerfully 1/26/2020
218. God, As Long As... 4/3/2020
219. Tribes, People, Languages, And Nations 4/3/2020
220. God The King 5/7/2020
221. Prayer Reaching God In Heaven 6/15/2020
222. Inner Wisdom 6/9/2006
223. Illicit Affair 6/22/2006
224. Unsenseless Being 7/18/2006
225. Growing Faith 6/15/2006
226. The Love Of My Soul 6/1/2006
227. Higher Hope 6/15/2006
228. The Mind Whisper 6/1/2006
229. Wisdom 6/1/2006
230. Beneath My Senses 6/1/2006
231. Filled With Love 6/5/2006
232. Khottie Grant (My Daughter) 6/19/2006
233. The Epitome Of A Woman 6/1/2006
234. The Passion Of Inner Self 5/30/2006
235. The Present Moment 5/31/2006
236. Rainbow After The Rain 6/22/2006
237. Vision Hope 6/3/2006
238. Peaceful Life 6/16/2006
239. The Image Of God 6/3/2006
240. Building Self Esteem 6/15/2006

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Best Poem of Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar

My Freedom

My freedom of soul moving, fly to the air,
Sound mind, ease thoughts.

My freedom of body to move
And go to the way direction.

My freedom to think, views, enhance being to smile
Inside heart with goodness sight of thoughts.

My freedom to laugh that gives glittering in the eyes
Sprinkle like star in the night open to view happiness in mind.

My freedom to be alone in silence to talk inside self
Asking the divine guidance of the spirit in heart.

My freedom to look up, whisper words in heaven,
To look down, to see what is important.


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The Melodies Of Life

The main substance of things given by life itself,
Emotion usually drawn smoothly flowing into the sense
Of any particular individual. The drama of
Life passing by, softly and rich, sweet and
Sour that create system to the sound mind.

The music comes from thoughts, grows to the emotion
That makes a heart overflow with so much sensation.
Music touches feeling lingering in memory.