Jocelyn Sumido Dunbar Poems

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Palabra De Honor

I will never leave you nor forsake you, says the Lord.
Deuteronomy 31: 6

The orbit of the earth is dramatically changing in a


Repentance is a way to acknowledge that we are a sinners.

Repentance is an act of reconnecting, surrendering,
Declaring, acknowledging, recognizing the ownership,

Spare Us To The Hands Of Your Enemy

You God, the Creator of the universe. You are existed before
Everything else. You made us the same image of you and
Take good care of us. We, human are dependent of you.
We love you, we adore you, we worship you, and we obey you.


My defender, I stand in owe of you.

The strong hold of my existence, the inspiration of my soul.
My hopes and my deliverance. We reconnected to each other

The Hero

On the existence of this planet, the equation moves surround us,
We never know who will become in the day we were born.
We face natural flow of life in a different stages
And categories; difficulties and challenges.

The Creator And I

I found the secret sacred place you stayed.
The mystery of you is unexplainable,
The essence is magnificent, undeniable, superb;
Can justify, your covenant is everlasting.

God's Love

The word became flesh, illuminating the sense of action,
Mind over matter, courage combine with faith over obstacles.

A deep action, reverse our condition poured


Enhancing in spirit, peaceable.
Seeing, staring, emotion full of amusement.
Mesmerizing the sense, free; flowing.

Giving Realization Of The Matter

Why people hurt people? Why we do hurt?

We do hurt people because, we get hurt.
We do hurt people because of; foolishness, selfishness, greediness,

Stop Weeping

To your lonely suffering; hopelessness, pain, hurt, sorrow, prostration, hurt ache, madness and sadness of inner self, reach out my hands, clinging to me, hold me tight. I am holding you closely listening to your crying voice.

To the trouble of days, to the strong wave you may encounter, to the unending changing world. If you feel loss and you do not understand fully what is going on. If you feel you are rejected, nothing to hold on to. Hold me, hold on to my hands. I am holding you tight. I am not giving up on you. Stop crying, I am here.