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I am an earth-man with an ill-common trait when it comes to having fear and faith in my Father in heaven...I am a black boy from Nigeria and am profoundly proud of that...I mind naught to die preventing the good name of my family and to die and die again, again and again without a gain to respect the name of Jesus christ of Nazareth...the source and the end of everything about me...My cognome, pen name, fictitious numenclature or sobriquet is JODEKSS GLOATKENF but my real name is EMMANUEL KAYODE. I write when I won't write, I won't write when am writing...Shalom aleichem...This world need to end soonest! Care, I do not...I am forever myself, I am sourced in nothingness...but for in every nothingness, there is always something else...

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Working on that... Updates

Madman's Mind

Aye, let me let go what I let in
What, leave that and flutter into that filthy gutter
Hit it,
Heat it
Eat it
It's your favourite sweet salad
What! Aye, let me look for a shining shoe
I have got to put on a pretty pinafore
Curveteous sweather with a head cap heading for cold weather

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