Jodie Foster

Rookie (March 27,91 / Myaguez, Puerto Rico)

Jodie Foster Quotes

  • ''I don't know why people think child actresses in particular are screwed up. I see kids everywhere who are totally bored. I've never been bored a day in my life.''
    Jodie Foster (b. 1962), U.S. actor. Originally quoted in the May 19, 1980, issue of People. As quoted in People magazine, p. 316 (February 7-14, 1994). Foster, once a child actor, had developed a highly successful adult career, twice winning the Academy Award for Best Actress.
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The Heart

It slowly penetrates the surface,
burrowing deeper into the oblivion.
The cold, bitter sweet stillness
that is, or will become nothing.

Mournfully seeping into the bottom
of what we are proud to possess.
Only to rip yet another sliver
out of what is hardly there.

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