jodlizbeth dominic

Veteran Poet - 1,025 Points [jomol Dominic, Jomol K Jacob] (22.02.1970 / India, Kerala)

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  • ''' Love is like water molecules, sometimes performs as hard as ice, sometimes like vapor, sometimes like simple liquid form of water.'''
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  • ''' Dreams are really another name of thinking happening in all times in a man. It gives new ways, new innovations, new findings, new faces, new happenings, new solutions and new visions.. etc to him.'''
    dreams and thinking
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  • ''The Sun emits light rays to lighten us which is brightening physically all living things.But if we give out light from our heart that will help to shine oneself and others through which the society also, like the great people, saints etc.
    - jodlizbeth, dominic2019''
    shining of sun and humanbeings
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  • ''' A man is the some total of the physical, spiritual, mental, intellectual, artistic things included in his personality, which shares, with the fellow beings
    by self deeds, attitudes, supports helps as various needs.'

    -jodlizbeth, dominic''
    human being
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  • ''' A good and worth teacher is equal to the parents for his students, who direct the students as like own or more than their parents for ever and ever.'
    - Jodlizbeth dominic''
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  • ''' Poetry is the waves formed in poet's mind written in words in rythm automatically.'
    -jodlizbeth, dominic''
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  • '''All humanbeings should think to become good and act as others with him keep in goodness such as not to fall in faults with the presence or act of him, is the theory to become a good human being.' -jodlizbeth dominic feb 2020.''
    A good person
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  • ''' The man who has real love like God's in his heart, will act as like where there stored water in deep, such as never bothered about to get water and not hesitating to give water any way to fellow beings.'
    -jodlizbeth dominic 22.02.2020''
    deep and pure love
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  • ''Women is a gift the almighty to the nature for ever and ever, for the existence of a man.
    - jodlizbeth dominic''
    Women are
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Best Poem of jodlizbeth dominic

Our Inner Eye

While seeing I can see
The sights in front of me
While closing my eyes
I can see the sights
Captured inside me
At that time I become
A blind who already
Seen and experienced
The sights around and
The beauty of nature
All living beings
The materials here
The other things
Doings of human and
All other creatures
Nature's gifts and
Natural disasters
As we grown up growing
Our inner eye even though
Our outer eyes never
Become as big as that one
So we can imagine
The outer eyes acts as
The camera of man and
The result as ...

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She Is She Not He

Changed her name
Like that of a man
Then mind, costumes
Belongings, dealings
But when inspired
By a man gave birth
Ababy called her
Her sweet-cute love

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