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Rookie (1993-2025)

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 Ni Hao, I’m KahLi. I’m live in LaLa Land (Farmington, N.M. but moving to Omaha, N.E. soon! !) Well I’m a JR in high school. I have DA GREATEST FUCKIN’ FRIENDS N DA WORLD-CaS2iE (CHAOS should be her middle name cuz when your around her there is nothing but CHAOS) , KiKi (my X-Wifey who Luvs Strippers, Go-Go Girls and Vegas more than me……..but I’m happy) and HarMoNy (the realist KING there will ever be) . I love to play volleyball (#13-The Queen! !) I listen to music like hip hop, country, rap, punk and metal! ! My friend CaS2ie got me into metal 1-Bring Me The Horizon,2- The Devil Wears Prada 3-I Killed The Prom Queen 4-Scary Kids Scaring Kids 5-Maine 6-The Secret Handshake. Yeah I’m just me, I guess that’s all I will ever be ME! ! I love the color PINK! ! Well yup, I really don’t know what to tell you about me so yeah…………Bye! ! Updates


Not alone
But I feel like that
Alone in the world
Thinking of all the memories that I can remember
Still feeling alone
Millions and millions of memories
Not one can change the way I feel
Thinking and thinking is all I can do
Alone maybe its only me

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