Jody Talibart

Biography of Jody Talibart

Living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Jody Talibart has been writing professionally for over 20 years. A published BC poet and journalist, Jody worked for many years as a magazine Editor and has many feature story articles to her credit in widely-read publications. She was nominated for a national award of excellence in Journalism and has been interviewed on several Vancouver radio stations for her news-breaking editorial. With a decade of writing experience in the marketing communications and public relations industry and eight years of corporate communications success, Jody is currently a freelance writer for a Vancouver-based organizations and focuses her talent on the non-profit sector for causes that are near and dear to her heart. She spends her days off working on her own literary projects, including a novel in progress, and of course, poetry.

Jody Talibart's Works:

My Blistered Tongue. J. Talibart, Copyright 1997. A collection of poetry. Vancouver, BC, Canada

Poetry from the cupboard under the kitchen sink.
J. Talibart, Copyright 1998. Updates

Without Indifference

How is it that letting go, and hanging on,
can be so different and yet painful in equal measure.
Why is hello as gut-wrenching to me as good-bye.
Can each feeling be as difficult as the next
until only indifference remains
as a comfortable place to be.
Since I cannot live in that state,
nor would I ever aspire to,
with complete lack of investment