Joe Holley

Biography of Joe Holley

I am not a famous writer or poet... I am just a 19 year old guy who writes poetry as a way to express his thoughts and feelings...

People have told me to publish my poem's... Though i feel they are not good enough, i thought id post them on a website first to see a reaction, if any... More will be posted upon feedback. Updates

...? (True Fate)


Life's like a book, pages of a canvas printed white blank - genesis.
May no one tell you how to live - Prejudices
May the Human mind be life's crystal quill - precious.
May your actions be its delicate ink - Love.

Action made, reaction shaded. Chapter anew will be a chapter you knew - You made it.
Like a gun blast it happens too fast, bullets of fate hits the beating core bleeding more dripping to the floor - Will its last?

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