Joe Hughes

Veteran Poet - 1,170 Points (Drogheda, Ireland)

Joe Hughes Poems

1. Filed 12/23/2006
2. The Bogey Plasterer 12/23/2006
3. A Glencolmcille Bridge 3/19/2007
4. The Shredder 3/21/2007
5. Solutions 3/21/2007
6. What Is Bad? 8/27/2007
7. The Patriots 10/8/2007
8. Cream Coloured Woman 10/8/2007
9. Hunky Dorey 10/8/2007
10. Ting, Tang, Tuggle, Tat 12/31/2007
11. Mrs Perkins, Oedipus And Me 12/31/2007
12. Countdown Conundrum 1/11/2008
13. Untidy! 1/28/2008
14. Judgement Day 1/30/2008
15. The Eccentric Fom The Dublin Road 2/12/2008
16. Take Me Back 3/2/2008
17. May 3/2/2008
18. North And South 7/13/2008
19. Hypochondriac 9/26/2008
20. I Wish That I Was Dreaming! 9/26/2008
21. The Cliche Hater Loves You 12/30/2008
22. Procedures 12/30/2008
23. Keep The Humble Plastic Bag! 12/30/2008
24. The Crales Of Colomyden 7/13/2008
25. Extraordinary Joe 1/2/2009
26. Where Were You When........ 1/30/2009
27. Imprisoned Love 1/30/2009
28. Occupational Hazards 2/9/2009
29. Starry Questions 2/10/2009
30. Mountain 2/12/2009
31. People I'D Like To Speak To - Now! 3/6/2009
32. More Short Ones 3/24/2009
33. Not So Classy Lassy 4/17/2009
34. I'll Have Another Beer! 4/23/2009
35. Spring Is Here, Well Dammit! 4/28/2009
36. Less Than One A Day 1/25/2010
37. There's A Bench Down Our High Street 7/3/2010
38. The Sudan Famine 9/2/2007
39. The Waiting List 8/12/2011
40. The Showdown 3/6/2012

Comments about Joe Hughes

  • Francis Duggan (8/17/2017 7:10:00 AM)

    Joe Hughes is a poet who writes with a sense of humor that is infectious, i am just one of many who enjoy reading his whimsical poetry he reminds me in his style of writing of James Stephens, Joe is just one of those people who does not take himself too seriously and there ought to be more like him, good on you Joe keep them coming.

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  • Steven Taylor (11/20/2009 8:42:00 AM)

    Thank you for the kind comments on my poems. I like the Bubble. I tend to be a positive poet who emphasizes the positive mood. I began writing poetry by experimenting with everything. You have good riming. It is interesting that you and I took opposite objectives. In Fog, I was placing the emphasis on the negative acpects and ended with the positive, and you placed your emphasis on the positive and ended with the negative. I am sorry to hear about the demise of your bubble!
    Steve Taylor

  • Lucianne Fasolo (8/23/2007 8:56:00 AM)

    I can't believe there is no comments here about you, you're in my favorite poem list! ! !
    Joe's poems are witty, very sarcastic at times and I love his simple but brilliant way of writing. He's really talented!

Best Poem of Joe Hughes

A Bubble

I am a fresh blown bubble,
Just born with lots of care.
I'm undecided if I'll burst
Or fly into the air.

I'm yellow, blue, some red and green
Six inches is my size.
I hover round the patio
But the sky is still my prize.

I've almost hit a garden chair,
I've just skimmed past a fence.
I've cleared some hedges and a shed,
I wobble as I dance.

And now I'm soaring, Oh! so high,
I never will come down.
I've cleared the eaves of houses
And I'm heading into town!

Goodbye young child way down below,
The world now lies in ...

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The Dementing Priest

I believe in God,
Or do I anymore?
I join my hands in prayer
But what for - I'm not quite sure.

I look into the mirror,
A dog collar I see.
I feel it, push it, prod it
And wrench it out - I'm free!

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