Joe Noland

Rookie (07/23/1994 / Peru indiana)

Biography of Joe Noland

I have been writing poems for a long time i started when i was 13 i am now 18 i have 3 books full of poems i want to get published but never can find a publisher i have autism and adhd i am level 2 high functioning so alot of people are surprized about me writing poems i am a bit weird and write a lot of different types i write about nature darkiness love sin anything i try to look at others and my self and write how i feel or they feel i am a very kind person and dont like to be mean i will not lie about your poem if you ask me to read it and tell you what i think i am a honest and loyal person i have been hurt many times so alot of my poems are dark and sad but i have a lot of good ones as well if you have any questions just ask me. Updates

Blood And Wind

As time goes on and the ground turns to ash as the rivers turn
To blood among the dust and wind I look toward the sky blood from
My eyes my heart ash and my soul crushed as I look at the sky
It turns as black as the night as black as the hole among men.

As my knees ripped and tore from the deking muss flesh
I walk on and on beaten and broken I seek nothing
More, than a place of grace I seek nothing more
Then a loving face.

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