Joe Noland

Rookie (07/23/1994 / Peru indiana)

Biography of Joe Noland

I have been writing poems for a long time i started when i was 13 i am now 18 i have 3 books full of poems i want to get published but never can find a publisher i have autism and adhd i am level 2 high functioning so alot of people are surprized about me writing poems i am a bit weird and write a lot of different types i write about nature darkiness love sin anything i try to look at others and my self and write how i feel or they feel i am a very kind person and dont like to be mean i will not lie about your poem if you ask me to read it and tell you what i think i am a honest and loyal person i have been hurt many times so alot of my poems are dark and sad but i have a lot of good ones as well if you have any questions just ask me. Updates

-been And Gone-

As time goes by with dust and mist covering the air,
I walk in uncertainty unknown, unseen, unheard.

I listen to how people talk, how people see,
how people speak and ask is this how I should be?

They look at me, with uncertain eyes not sure if i am
good or bad.

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