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The poem I recently made is an attempt to express my leukemia experience. I went in the hospital December 21,2004; turned into a vegetable by the end of December and thru the new year. Out of the hospital by mid-May 2005, in time for my 50th birthday. It was like a 2 month long vision quest (during my vegetable state): spending time in places that were timeless. It was all worth it because I evolved to learn of where self comes from, and I long to return home; a place where we are all that exist as one.

What a life.

Joe Palace 'Shash' Updates

What A Life!

What a life, we enter it in pain
thru a bearer of life we live.
We grow with joys and we endure
what we can, seeking knowledge,
or just being what we know.
The forms do mature to the limits
of their existence and we dream of what more.
In the end we ask, what is pain for?
What a life.

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