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New York, Long Island, [ scratches on the page, making noise ]. Like reading the BIBLE, church, friends. All those who like the written word and the interchange of vibrations in the universe. May we all traverse life and find our place with GOD in all eternity. You can search on the INTERNET to find me & related links, also my poetry books DREAMS-2-3. PLUS my books THE SLAVE [voyages ], TRAFFORD.COM/07-1363 & THE BEGGAR plus SELECT POETRY, TRAFFORD.COM/08-0358 or[ search: POEWHIT ]or my web site, PEACE

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DREAMS 2 2006
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Poem Time Fear

Just feel full of fear.
Time for that cold beer.
Find a friend with big ears.
Wont cring at my fears.
Cimb into that nest high.
After a few, then that sigh.
What keeps this liquid cold.
Drinking fast and not too slow.
Crazy how life just goes.

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