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401. Dyncorp, Who In The Hell Are You? 5/3/2009
402. Do Tell Mattel 5/2/2009
403. I Saw Her Again Or Californi(Cation) Dreamin’ Or Go Where You Wanna Go Or Dream A Little Dream Of Me 9/24/2009
404. Hoodwinked! 11/7/2009
405. I Do Recall Firestone Tires 7/2/2009
406. Holy, Sister Mary Nudea! 7/21/2009
407. Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees Aka Get That Monkey Of My Back 5/16/2009
408. F E M A Full Of Excretion And Manure Action Or Fake Emergency Management Actors Or (How Do I Keep My Job And Its Pension And Be Accountable To No One) 5/17/2009
409. Error On No.25, Bonds 5/17/2009
410. Dog Gun It! 5/17/2009
411. Don’t Cry For Me Appalachia! (Aka) Maria, I’ve Just Met A Girl Known As Maria 6/25/2009
412. Books In Library, Quite Contrary How Does Your Dewey Decimal System Grow? 9/21/2010
413. Exorcise Your Right To Worship And Your Freedom To Assemble Or The Devil Made Me Do It Or Satan Doll 9/6/2010
414. Duchess Ellington 5/7/2011
415. Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? 5/4/2009
416. Conocophilips 5/6/2009
417. I Bet You Can’t Eat Just One 6/30/2009
418. Honestly Officer, The Horse Must Be Drunk! Or But Wait, Wasn'T The Horse A Designated Driver? 12/10/2009
419. I Love That Dirty Water! (The Standells) 5/17/2010
420. Ebony And Ivory, Chocolate And Vanilla, It’s Grey To Me 5/12/2009
421. A Wanna Be D.B. Cooper 5/3/2009
422. Calling Sister Bill, Sister Yolanda, Sister Anita, Sister Consuela…. 5/9/2009
423. Give Him Head And Shoulders 5/10/2009
424. Who Cares? 6/23/2009
425. 'Oh! Oh! Jiminy Crickets! ' 7/4/2009
426. Nurse Betty, No, Not The Movie However It Is Fictional 8/17/2009
427. No Mahalo To You, Oscar Mayer 7/26/2009
428. Oh Iphone, Oh Iphone, Where Art Thou Iphone? 8/4/2009
429. Neverland Has Finally Come Home 6/26/2009
430. Mri's, Mra, Mvg, And Eeg's, Oh My! 5/29/2010
431. Milli Vanilli, The Real Story - 20 Years Later Or Silence Is Gold(En) Record 1/31/2010
432. Mazeltov All Ya'Ll 11/30/2009
433. Oh No They Di’int! 9/26/2009
434. No Love In This Match 9/14/2009
435. At Least It's Not A Jonestown 5/22/2011
436. Masterminds Need Not Apply: Episode Xii 2/7/2011
437. Nothin' From Nothin'? 9/11/2010
438. Master Minds Need Not Apply: Episode X 9/18/2010
439. No Chopsticks In The House 8/30/2010
440. Aloha And Good Riddance 7/31/2010

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Best Poem of Joe Rosochacki

A Dead Hand

You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you're sittin at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealins' done.

David Reese too young to fold,
David Reese a popular jack of all trades when it came to poker,
The bluffing,
the betting,
the skill that he played poker,
- was his ace of his sleeve.
He played poker without deuces wild,
not needing Jokers.
To bad his lungs were not flushed out for him to breathe,
Was is the casino smoke? ...

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The Top

As the top spins, spins effortlessly rotates, rotates
It comes again, again
Again as in times past ages past
When blues yields to red
Speed of photons decrease
End of daylight has at last, at last

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