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521. Islamabad (Dedicated To The Memory Of Benazir Bhutto) 5/2/2009
522. I'Ll Keep An Eye For You 5/1/2009
523. Debit Cards Only 5/6/2009
524. Ode To The Bird 4/30/2009
525. Birds Of A Feather, F$#k Together Or Gertrude And Heathcliff, Where Are You? 11/27/2010
526. Is This The War Of The Worlds? Or How To Get Burnt In Lost Wages, Nevada. 9/30/2010
527. B(S) P Oil Aka Bull Sh&&Ing Pri&Ks Or How To Make Gaia Bleed 6/17/2010
528. I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane Or Jet Airliner By Steve Miller Or New York, New York 8/4/2009
529. Devo De-Evolving 5/17/2009
530. Imelda Marcos Doesn’t Compare To This Red Hair Vixen 6/18/2009
531. Banking On Getting A New Mattress? 6/10/2009
532. I'D Like To Humpyou 5/1/2009
533. It Was Mayhem In Jerusalem 5/1/2009
534. It’s A Bear Market Out There Bear Stearns' Subprime Bath 5/6/2009
535. In Heaven There Is No Beer, That’s Why We Drink It Here 5/5/2009
536. It’s 3 A.M., (Wednesday Morning) The Phone Is Ringing 5/8/2009
537. It’s A Croc Of Sh__(Oe) 5/15/2009
538. It Depends 5/10/2009
539. Imagine 5/10/2009
540. Bakker The Red- Nosed Evangelist (Sung To The Tune Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer) 5/9/2009
541. I Hear You Talking In Your Sleep 5/15/2009
542. I’ll Be Home For……. Hanukkah, Human Rights Day, Winter Break, The Islamic Holy Day Eid Al-Adha, First Day Of Winter And Kwanzaa 5/5/2009
543. Masterminds Need Not Apply Xiii 6/4/2011
544. Ode To Four Green Fields, Rip, In Royal Oak, Michigan 5/24/2011
545. It's A Mad(Off) , Mad(Off) , Mad(Off) , Mad(Off) World 5/3/2009
546. It’s Mccain Versus Obama Time! 5/8/2009
547. I Hate The Thought Of Hate Crimes 5/15/2009
548. It's A Balmier Day In The Neighborhood (Sung To The Theme Of 'Mr. Rogers Nieghborhood') 5/15/2009
549. Is That A Full House Or A Royal Flush? 5/9/2009
550. Is There A Tiger In The Woods? Or 7 And Counting Over Par Or Green, Green, Green They Say On The Far Side Of The Hill 12/8/2009
551. Chocolate To Die For *aka* Willy Wonka’s Woeful Ways Of Weeping 7/9/2009
552. Is Ronald Mcdonald Having A Mid-Life Crisis? 5/18/2011
553. Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume? Or Calling Dr. Eduard Wirths, Dr.Josef Mengele, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine 12/22/2009
554. Defying Gravity Is Sinking 9/15/2009
555. Iditarod, Rod, Rod They Do Rod, Rod (Sung To The Tune They Do Run, Run They Do Run, Run) 5/11/2009
556. It's Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel Called The Ocean (From 200 Yards) 5/12/2009
557. It’s A Violation Of Penal Code 5/10/2009
558. If It Walks, Acts, Cracks, Like Duck….. 5/15/2009
559. A Guiding Light Is No More 5/3/2009
560. Cofucious Say “beauty Pageants May Show Bikinis, Not Show Brains” 5/14/2009

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A Dead Hand

You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you're sittin at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealins' done.

David Reese too young to fold,
David Reese a popular jack of all trades when it came to poker,
The bluffing,
the betting,
the skill that he played poker,
- was his ace of his sleeve.
He played poker without deuces wild,
not needing Jokers.
To bad his lungs were not flushed out for him to breathe,
Was is the casino smoke? ...

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Screwed To Death

Mr. Sergey Tuganov had taken a challenge from two Moscow women,
He would not let his pride be underestimated or undermined,
The women bet him $4,300.00 that he could have sex for 12 hours straight,
Forgetting about pleasuring himself as his name would indicate.
The Russian Comrade would not let medical advice hinder him from his revolution, -ugh resolution.
'In the rare event of an erection lasting more than four hours, seek immediate medical help.'
Was an indication.
12 hours into the

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