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161. Kei Isn'T A Joke Djokovic 9/7/2014
162. Sometime It Is A Dictator Is What You Need 9/25/2014
163. Bend Me Shape Me (A Parody Dedicated To The Apple Iphone 6) 9/26/2014
164. Pbr, Colt 45, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz, And Even Lonestar Beer, Oh My! 9/27/2014
165. A Shoulder To Cry On 9/30/2014
166. Praise God For That Touchdown (Only If You Are Christian?) 9/30/2014
167. Wal-Mart Are You Joking? 10/2/2014
168. Great Grandma Got Run Over By Reindeer (Not Really She Was Tasered Bv A Texas Sheriff) 10/4/2014
169. Little Girl Lost 10/5/2014
170. Pope Francis Is Turning Heads 10/29/2014
171. Is It Me? 11/25/2014
172. Where Art Thou Jesus? 12/7/2014
173. Mcdonald's Has A New Burger Pssst! It Has Meat Between Buns 12/11/2014
174. Cre(Ating) (The) Flo(W) (Of) Dollar(S) Part Ii 3/27/2015
175. Hypocrite 3/28/2015
176. Long Live The King! 5/15/2015
177. What Cbw? 6/1/2015
178. Johnny Rebel's Flag Flies High Across The South Carolina State Capitol Building 6/19/2015
179. From Stonewall Inn In '69 To The Supreme Court In '15 6/27/2015
180. Sacre Bleu! 6/27/2015
181. Bad Idea! 6/28/2015
182. Sister Katy Mary Perry? 6/30/2015
183. Dump Trump 7/8/2015
184. Ross Perot Round Deaux! 7/23/2015
185. Kepler-452b Are You Earth’s Twin? 7/25/2015
186. Get The Point 1/3/2014
187. Mayor Ford Is A Crackpot Or Ford Has A Better (Un) Indea Or Denial, Denial, Denial 1/7/2014
188. Leave It To Beiber 1/31/2014
189. Where Have The Flowers Gone- - -Pete Seeger Knows For Sure 1/31/2014
190. Let’s Paint The Town (Red) Green 8/2/2013
191. Hong Kong Shanghaid By Beijing's Great Firewall Wall 9/29/2014
192. I Hope That’ll You Will Get A Charge Out This One 12/10/2013
193. Prefix To Ww Iii 9/6/2013
194. Dubious Death In Damascus 8/22/2013
195. Walter 'Wladyslaw' Budweil 10/2/2011
196. Silence Is Not Golden Or Sounds Of Silence (Will Drive You Crazy) 4/5/2012
197. Not So 'Happy Together' 6/11/2012
198. The Music Suite Of 275 North, Cumby, Texas (That Was Inspired By My Wife, Judy) 3/23/2011
199. Libya, Greece, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia, Bahrain, And Charlie Sheen And Lindsay Lohan, Oh My! ? 2/24/2011
200. Ooh-La-La Oompa-Loompa 5/14/2009

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A Dead Hand

You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you're sittin at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealins' done.

David Reese too young to fold,
David Reese a popular jack of all trades when it came to poker,
The bluffing,
the betting,
the skill that he played poker,
- was his ace of his sleeve.
He played poker without deuces wild,
not needing Jokers.
To bad his lungs were not flushed out for him to breathe,
Was is the casino smoke? ...

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You'Re Deep Cow Urine

“Does your Pepsi lack pep? Is your Coke not the real thing? ”
Do you do Mountain Dew? That was what they asked people in India, before a group of investors spoke about the bovine brew. Oh my gosh,

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