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I am a second generation Polish-American living in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Originally, I came from Southern New England. I have a couple of chapbooks available online and I write Shakespeare and Bible word game books, and have recently published an illustrated Kid's book: The Big Burp Theory of the Universe" . My poems touch on our human spirit, or lack of it. Each poem has a deeper meaning attached to it, and he hopes you enjoy his poetry and discover America, to see the good and the bad around us and to share the experiences, thoughts and feelings with others.

I hope you enjoy my poetry selects and sample sonnet word game pages on PoemHunter, if you would like to find out more about me please visit my Blog on

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Joe Wocoski's Works:

My Poetry Books

A Journey Through DC Land
Caught in the Eye of Everything
Cluck-a-Din the Chicken and Other Fowl Poetry
Our Seasons of Ardent Love
Snowed in by a Warm Fire

Illustrated Children’s Book
The Big Burp Theory of the Universe

Word Search Books
Shakespeare Sonnet Word Search Fun!
" Shakespeare Sonnet Word Game Foolery" a 5 book series.
" New Testament Word Search Fun! " an 8 Book series, and " Old Testament Word Search Fun! " a 24 Book series, Updates

Snowed In By A Warm Fire

A visit to an Inn on top of a hill.
A view, a valley, a village, a pond.
Snow already covering the ground.
Snow falling steadily all around.

The hills, the trees, the branches,
The drives, the roads, the highways.
All are covered in new fallen snow.
All are silent as the snow falls.

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