Joecel Joy Jayme

Freshman - 812 Points [Joezel Jayme] (August 21,1997 / Cebu City)

Joecel Joy Jayme Quotes

  • ''Just be who you are don't trust too much because in this world. You can only trust your self.''
    I am trusting someone too much and its only hurt me that much
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  • ''Maybe loving you is a nightmare but I know that you will do all your best just to make it my dreams''
    I am in love with someone that I don't know if I can trust him after what happened to my past
  • ''TEARS are falling,
    My HEART is bleeding
    Seeing you with her
    Want me to be a murderer.''
    Actually I'm just really bored that time and I want to write a poem but too bad I only end up writing this quote
  • ''I am a piece of a paper
    Flying my life by the help of the wind.''
    I was writing a poem when out of the blue I take this one down so instead of putting this in one stanza of the poem I choose to make this one as a quotation
  • ''The best way to conquer the success is to be in yourself''
  • ''Sometimes, we need to be strong just to achieve our goals. Keep on going even death is chasing... you may think of giving up but you wont co z you know at the end of the day, you're still the winner for gaining the knowledge that you need. A knowledge that will lead you to your journey to success...''
    This quote just came up into my mind.
  • ''Whatever may happen. We'll stick to each other. Through ups and down, tears and laughter, we're always be forever together''
    Its a quotation I wrote for our friendship
  • ''I don't need to open my eyes wide to see my destiny all just I need to do is to sit down and wait for the perfect time''
    Its a statement of what I feel.
  • ''It's always matter the things that you've been done. What's not matter is, when no one appreciates it.''
    Its just came up into my mind.

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Best Poem of Joecel Joy Jayme

Tears Of A Broken Heart

A shed of tears
flowing down my face
my heart is bleeding
causing me to death.

I ask myself,
why I have this feeling.
Its killing me slowly
can't bear the pain.

I don’t know why
I don’t know how
I just know that
I'm not enough.

I love you,
I give you
everything you want
But you give me pain
in return.

I wipe my tears
to let you know
that even you hurt me so
I’m still here
fighting for my happiness

One day you'll see me
and regret for letting me go
May not sooner
But I know.... someday

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Here we are again
Solving for the same number,
but why I can't figure out your answer?
Mathematics, I thought you are easy
but why I'm having a headache thinking
what's your answer?

4.32 / 1.4... Your always my problem...

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