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Well this is a one sided conversation. Seems strange and rather limited to just talk about myself.
Mind you... im sure my Ego loves it, but well the rest of me is sort of falling asleep.

But incase it is in any way pertinant. My name is (oh gosh who would have guessed) Joeline :) Mom loves Dolly parton. I live in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. A place I feel is without doubt one of the most beautiful and life filled places in the world.

Not that I have been over the world that much, though I do hope to make travlling to other lands and cultures in integral part of my life.

I have very little in the way of qulaifications or skills in the area of literature, other then a love of and enjoyment of the reading/writing/experiencing different offerings.

Words have power. But only the power we give them.
If we read with open minds, we feel and learn.
If we read with closed minds, we judge and critisize.

Anyway, as said, one sided convos are not my thing. Please drop me a line if youd like a REAL conversation. Be warned though, im not really a logical thinker and im also not exactly a trivia master.

You expectations are your expectations and I dont need to know what you think of me :) thats your business.

Cheers! Updates

The Window

I am looking through a window
made of silk and coloured stone
my memory is hazy,
am I actually alone?

I cannot move my head
my gaze is fixed outside
lost in strange wonders
of a plastic countryside

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