Joellen Strandberg

Rookie (4/29/55 / Elizabeth, N.J.)

Biography of Joellen Strandberg

I have lived in the State of Virginia for some seven years now, having been a Joizey transplant. I am probably a better poetry reader than writer. I have a daughter,24-years-old, and my other 'babies, ' two dogs, four cats and a cockatiel, appropriately called 'Bird.' In actuality, everyone forgot Bird's first name, so now he's been donned an unforgettable one!

Just signed on to this site tonight, so we'll see how it goes! Look forward to reading all of you best I can!

Joellen Strandberg's Works:

N/A Updates

Future Destination

In a sputter of rain
I drift up some westerly on-ramp,
sip coffee from a styrofoam cup.
Soon the radio station stutters distance,
the car obligingly hums a hypnotizing tune.

Psychic's spread of cards once foretold eventuality
among Taos bloody sunsets, colored crystals,
wind-carved orange-purple rocks.

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