Joey Nissen

Rookie (12-21-89 / St.Paul Minnesota)

Biography of Joey Nissen

I have written 17 poems, count'em,17, but only 16 are posted. You may wonder why. The answer is that one was written for school. Ha, you will never have the privilige of reading it. I laugh in your face. Hahahahahahahahaha. I have also put on the lyrics of 1 song.....otherwise.....i'm 6'3', blonde hair to about my shoulders, blue eyes, and husky. Most of my inspiration for my poetry comes from music, i like to listen to rock and blues.

Joey Nissen's Works:

haha, i have no published books. but i am working on a short story. Updates


Bloody hands
Silence is bliss
It all just starts
With just one kiss
Closed window
Open door
The demons feed
More and more
Broken bones
Opened eyes
Day after day
It slowly dies
Shattered glass
Booming thunder
Creeping, crawling
It tears us asunder

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