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Johan Fourie Poems

1. I Miss.... The After Hum Of Conversations 12/19/2011
2. Sax 12/19/2011
3. The Butterfly 12/19/2011
4. Love Is Music [poetry In Motion] 12/19/2011
5. On Hearing Of Love 12/20/2011
6. 1 The Beast Who Scorned Love 12/20/2011
7. .....Poetry 12/20/2011
8. 5...Peace And Release 12/20/2011
9. Let Them Wordsmiths Gather, Soon 12/20/2011
10. Krummels 12/20/2011
11. Misvingers, ....En Jou Wildste Fantasië 12/20/2011
12. Raar En Skaars 12/20/2011
13. Iets Losgeruk In Haar Siel 12/20/2011
14. 2 …ek Ruk In Jou Los Die Wese En Waarheid En Werklikheid Van Vervulde Vrou 12/20/2011
15. Love For Once With The Innocence Of Children 12/20/2011
16. Mirrors Projecting What’s Inside 12/20/2011
17. 3..... The Past Not To Be Framed In Shadows 12/20/2011
18. Paradys 12/20/2011
19. Terloops So Terloops 12/20/2011
20. Wil... En Mag Ek? 12/20/2011
21. 6 As The Wolves Depart 12/20/2011
22. Is A Loving Way Of Life, A Paradigm Shift? 12/20/2011
23. ...Love. I Miss You Very Much 12/20/2011
24. Surrender 12/20/2011
25. Alleen, Brandsiek Hond 12/22/2011
26. Sleutel Draers 1/3/2012
27. How Little 1/3/2012
28. Less’er Love, And A Rose, In My Garden 1/9/2012
29. Mensie, Jy Met Die Seer Dan Ná Alles Injouse Oë 1/11/2012
30. Siels Lafenis-Watergate In Onse Binne-Kring 1/11/2012
31. Anker Plek 1/11/2012
32. Come Dance With Me 1/18/2012
33. Kronkel Pad 1/19/2012
34. What’ave This World Become..? 1/20/2012
35. Watse Wêreld Is Die, Dan? 1/20/2012
36. Humble Man I Be, So In Love 1/25/2012
37. Maar... Net Nederige Man, Wat Liefhet 1/25/2012
38. ...Tempered Echos Of Love 2/27/2012
39. Jouse Wigplek Myseplek, Ook Dan So 1/20/2012
40. Jy....., En Ek! Hoe Te Bemin 12/20/2011

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4 At Dusk, They Join The Circle dusk, at times
they arrive, the wolf pack
they came in stealth, silenty and quitely. just suddenly here
...knowing their purpose and my role dusk, they join the circle
of ghosts those absent and memories of the past, and me
....and we all sit and look, quitely, words not required, sensing, knowing dusk in the circle, we..... the wolves, sit
eyes glowing, saliva from the run on chins, fangs shiny
...and for awhile there is silence... nothing said, thought

.....then the leader of the pack speaks using no words
you are one of ...

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I know not from where the poetry in me came
It come not from the streets
.....or the buildings, or the people I know, or books I read. found me that year..1994
It...was like the hunger in my belly a hunger I felt it there, in the belly first

It was exasperated and lost, there in the beginning
...for as it found me it was rejoicing, uplifting, exited

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