Johanna Boal

Biography of Johanna Boal

I work as a librarian for the local council, in Beverley, East Yorkshire, England. I am married with 3 children and in my spare time I love to read and write. I am a member of the Society Children's Book Writers and Illustrator and the Poetry Review. I have had some of my poetry published adults/children. I also write children's stories and I'm currently looking to be published. Updates

Like Trees In Winter

As we emerge, we can see them.
Some come together, hunkering down
Many are dispersed on their own,
Dark and hazy in their remoteness,
Trucks and branches appear, they seem aloof,
In earnest we gaze at them.
Poverty-stricken nests uncovered, wild and low
But somehow, attention-grabbing features
In invested fields,

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