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my real nasme is johanna stone. i use the name cassie cause i dont want my family reading this stuff. some of it would make there toes freaking curl and make them send me to a mental hospital. im a 19 yr old mother of twins. and i got my GED and im looking forward to going to college. my poetry is real and how i feel and what has happened to me. im going through a rough time in my life and its reflected in my poems. my pain my hurt my joy and my fears all wrapped into words. i appricate any critisim.(and yes i know my spelling sucks LOL) also i have another cassie damon profile but i cant get into it and write new poems so i made this one up Updates


in the slience of the night
i feed on innocents
the sweet tart tangy taste of blood
it runs from my mouth and drips to my neck
where my lover awaits to plant a kiss on my cheek

the blood tastes sweeter with fright
ill drink my fill then hell feast on me
and well revel in our glory

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