Johanna Kortman

Rookie (11-02-1996 / Holland Hospital)

Biography of Johanna Kortman

I'm a young animal rescuer in High school, I made Honors English class, and I love to write. I hope to be a author someday!
I write on here,, and
If you want to read my writings on the other sites, please send me a message or comment and I will let you know how to find me on those sites.
I will also help you with spelling and other stuff on your poems/writings, so please let me know if you need any help.
Thanks! (: Updates

Never Useless

Never Useless

She plucks the string of the beat-up old guitar, it makes a sound, a sound of waste, a sound of lost time, a sound of no play.
She walks to the chair, and takes a seat, the chair falls to the ground, not because of her light weight, but of no use, wasted time, time lost, and oldness.
She walks to the door of the old house, it's useless it seems, wasted away at the walls, the floors are broken, same as the door...but that house isn't time wasted, as she lives the rest of her li

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