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Johannes Jansen (6. 1. 1966 in Berlin, GDR) grew up in Freiburg, Leipzig and Berlin-Pankow. He lives in Berlin as author and pedagogue.

Jansen is one of the most remarkable voices of his generation. His very short prose texts have a somnambulant quality and are characterized by expressivity and onomatopoeic finesse. In his texts, reception and reflection constitute a non-detachably unity.

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[That's how we...]

That's how we ruined our minds with milestones of pointlessness. Savage mad minds that suspect Camorras everywhere and refuse to accept any reason. Or mad minds useful as rattles for any random career type hungering for military parades. We need spirit. The rabble raves and something comes off you, shows you that it's out of your hands. You've been tanked up and can no longer keep things straight.
Translated by Brian Currid