John A. Hancock

Rookie (July 1st 1963 / Toronto)

Biography of John A. Hancock

I have been writing Poetry and songs most of my life
But it has been only over this last decade that my out put of poems, stanzas, ballads, and sonnets has
greatly increased
I also collect old books, my oldest from 1686
I have also collect'd nearly all of the classical poets in book form 99% being from the 19th century
Please feel free to read my poems and I hope you will enjoy them as I do yours Updates

Son Of A Gun

Again my lips they hath betray'd
My heart that lies within
Spoke I too soon at hope's behest
Once more the fool I've been
If I could weep tis true I would
But alas the well of tears is dry
From all the times that love was near
This jester turn'd awry
What great lovers in graves they turn

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