John Allen Richter

Gold Star - 7,122 Points [John Allen Richter] (1959 / Richmond, In)

John Allen Richter Quotes

  • ''Time makes a day like a year when you're young - and a year like a day when you're old. I'm not sure which is better - diaper-rash-wise...''
    John Allen Richter
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  • ''It's no wonder why God made the heart a muscle. It takes a lot of strength to love sometimes. Like when your teenage son comes home with a rainbow Mohawk haircut and complains that you just don't get it. Valid argument.''
    John Allen Richter
  • ''Love is something that happens after the pitter-patter, after our feet come back to the ground. Love is like eating dessert first, and then working through the gristle later. Love is the gristle. The happy-happy part is just Mother Nature putting a little something in our step....''
    John Allen Richter
  • ''...and then God made woman. I'm OK with that. In fact, if I didn't have one I would probably write my own post-it notes to constantly remind myself how stupid and useless I am. My only regret is that we can't blame God for kids. That one's totally on us....''
    John Allen Richter
  • ''True poetry is rarely purposely done, It's really more like a fundamental part of who the poet is. It's like sleeping or eating. When your passion erupts it just is, and you write it down just as when you sit at the table to eat when you feel hungry.''
    John Allen Richter
  • ''Great heroes have always surrounded us. It seems that only death sheds light on them though, because history is replete with them. Yet when we turn our senses toward our own generation - they seem to blend in with the rest of we tremendous impostors and mostly go unseen. That's one small part of what makes them so great.''
    John Allen Richter
  • ''The passion for poetry is innate - but good poetry only comes from the honest, critical eyes of others.''
    John Allen Richter
  • ''The very reason our lives exist - the purpose for our very being - is to learn how to love. (Because we fail miserably at it.) Love is not a feeling, but something that causes you to stop whatever you are doing and immediately help to resolve an issue with someone you have found to be in need. Love is something projected - not something expected. Expecting love is called selfishness. And you will never find it outside of your own heart.''
    John Allen Richter

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Best Poem of John Allen Richter

Moonlight Ride

The brown tipped grass peeked through the snow -
With stems quite cold and forlorn.
The north gale came and so winds did blow
and nodded their heads in form.

As for I, a moonlit ride -
on my horse, steady and slow.
With her cold and shivering skin below -
I said 'Not much further to go.'

She low'r'd her head, and back again,
to ring her bridle bell.
As if to say 'Why dear friend,
did you put us in winter's hell? '

'Well, ol' nag, it's like this, you see…
for forty nights I've been alone.
And down the creekbed lives Miss Weatherby,

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The Night

How dost night protest thee?
Her moonbeam chisled face fallen at your door,
and gravelly steps of strangers near
bringing thoughts of heart stopping fear…

Tick tock, tick tock, friendly eve,
Insanity for innocence deadly grieve
against the blackest grain of night.
A shoulder's invisible touch -

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