John Allen

Rookie (2/26/83 / New Yawk)

Biography of John Allen

My name is John Thomas Allen. I am 23 years old, from Albany, New York. I have lived here my entire life, apart from some travelling, and am currently a philosophy major in college. I work as one of three editors for 'Breath and Shadow', a publication geared toward disability culture. I work as a freelance tutor in poetry/literature for mentally ill/disabled students at the college I currently attend. These occupations are inspired not only because of financial concerns; if I had too much idle time (if that's possible?) , I'd probably drive myself bonzo reading experimental poetry 24/7. I have been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 14. My inspirations are poets like Cesar Vallejo, Franz Wright, and Jim Carroll.

John Allen's Works:

My publishing credits include:
Ygdrasil: A Journal of the Poetic Arts, dreampeople, RealEight View, Illiterate Hooligan Press, ThunderSandwich #26, Breath and Shadow, Forever Underground, Falling Star, Nupenz Online, Poetically Speaking, Falling Star, 3 0 Cup Morning, Sein Un Werden, Zygote In My Coffee, dreamvirus, Tipton Poetry Journal, Prism Quarterly. I've shelled out the
dough so that all my poems are copyrighted. Updates


i wish so intensely

that after an hour or two

my hopes are as vapid

as the murmurs of a child

pretending, closing his eyes

above smoldering birthday candles

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