John Allen

Rookie (2/26/83 / New Yawk)

Biography of John Allen

My name is John Thomas Allen. I am 23 years old, from Albany, New York. I have lived here my entire life, apart from some travelling, and am currently a philosophy major in college. I work as one of three editors for 'Breath and Shadow', a publication geared toward disability culture. I work as a freelance tutor in poetry/literature for mentally ill/disabled students at the college I currently attend. These occupations are inspired not only because of financial concerns; if I had too much idle time (if that's possible?) , I'd probably drive myself bonzo reading experimental poetry 24/7. I have been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 14. My inspirations are poets like Cesar Vallejo, Franz Wright, and Jim Carroll.

John Allen's Works:

My publishing credits include:
Ygdrasil: A Journal of the Poetic Arts, dreampeople, RealEight View, Illiterate Hooligan Press, ThunderSandwich #26, Breath and Shadow, Forever Underground, Falling Star, Nupenz Online, Poetically Speaking, Falling Star, 3 0 Cup Morning, Sein Un Werden, Zygote In My Coffee, dreamvirus, Tipton Poetry Journal, Prism Quarterly. I've shelled out the
dough so that all my poems are copyrighted. Updates


leaning into the summer evening like
a slick coat of glowing oil,
sliding on skates in greased joy
coating shadows aged so
finely by the stubbled sidewalk
the man fading in sync with
the tired sun, growing dim in
the unmade blanket of deep noon
pallid overtures of escaped words

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