John Anusie

Biography of John Anusie

John Anusie, linguistic fever, cliché-collector/ alchemist at http: // is an aspiring writer of Nigerian provenance. He has published widely, mostly poetry, but dodges the epithet of poet. He has had a tiff with the muse for many months and at present divides his time between the short story and the feuilleton.

His interest is markedly eclectic -- History, cosmogony, International diplomacy, economics, literary criticism, Nobel prize in literature, democratic socialism, Fawehinmism, economic contempt, terrorism, imperialism, linguistic hedonism, political activism, Oblomovism, international politics, world literature, mythology, lifeboat ethics, white saviour complex, Tarzanism, writing, warfare, Nigerian literature, Jewish-America Literature, psychology, magical realism, fiction, poetry, NEXT, Nigeria, culture engineering, global cant, economic terrorism… (Hey, don’t you pinch the last 3 phrases… :)) Updates

Madalla 1

Has Thunder cracked
His whip?
Look behind you!
A jubilee of dust
Madness spiraling in smoke
And twisted steel.
Questions hang in the air,

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