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I was born in CT but raised in New Smyrna Beach, FL. The first poems of mine selected for publication appeared in the now defunct literary magazine De Novo (Tampa, FL) in the mid-'50s. While continuing to write verses and some prose over the years, I didn't concentrate on poetry until retiring in 1994. Since then, I've had numerous poems published, some in the U.S. but more in the U.K. As for my style of writing, I've been described as a 19th century poet in a 21st century world. I think that's entirely appropriate!

John Bliven Morin's Works:

1968: Contributed material and two illustrations to: The Life Cycle, Pauline K. Persing, , U. Georgia.7th Grade Anthropology Textbook.

1972: Contributed to: The Filipino Imnmigrant Child, A Handbook for Teachers, Anna Teruya & Jerilyn Wong, U. Hawaii.

1978: Ma'akua Gulch, Hau'ula, Oahu, site survey; with Dovey Steer, U. Hawaii.

1979: Pottery Descriptions, A Bibliography of Ceramic Archaeology, U. Hawaii.

1987: Sea-Lords of Gondor, John Bliven Morin, Iron Crown Enterprises, publisher.

1988: The Shadow-Hand of All-Power (sequel to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings.)

1995: Carcosa (screenplay) Pali Productions, Publisher.

Sherlock Holmes in Hawaii (novella) .

1997: Jimmy and The Night Marchers (one act play) Pali Productions, Publisher.

1997: The Eyes of Oclanoc and Other Tales, Other Hands, publisher.

2005: The Many Faces of Blithian (poetry collection) Pali Productions, Publisher.

2008: Spooky Blithian (poetry and short stories) Pali Productions, Publisher Updates

The Moor-Maiden

The village youths lightheartedly
Dance to the tabor and the flute,
Dance to the piper and the lute,
To celebrate Midsummer’s Day.

Every lad with shining eyes
Looks upon each comely girl,
Looks at her with skirts a-whirl,
And he with longing, softly sighs.