John Bliven Morin

Rookie (September 16th,1936 / New London, CT)

John Bliven Morin Poems

201. The Foxes Are Afield 6/16/2011
202. Hina (Hawai'Ian Moon Goddess) 6/16/2011
203. Philosophical Question 6/16/2011
204. Daedalus And Icarus, Page 2 Of 2 6/10/2011
205. The Yellow Shawl, Page 1 Of 2 6/16/2011
206. A Victorian Attic, Page 1 Of 2 6/10/2011
207. Requiem On Omaha Beach 5/30/2011
208. Mcnasty's Greasy Spoon Restaurant 6/19/2011
209. Cernunnos 7/15/2011
210. Ode To The Privy 6/19/2011
211. The Unicorn (Part 1 Of 2) 8/21/2013
212. Reflections On Genetic Engineering 6/18/2011
213. The Trojan War In A Nutshell, Page 3 Of 3 6/18/2011
214. The Veldt 9/12/2013
215. Masochistic Foods, Sadistic Cook 6/18/2011
216. Monsters 6/16/2011
217. The Ballad Of Anne Bonny, Page 1 Of 2 6/10/2011
218. The Night Before Samhain 6/16/2011
219. The Tiny Family 8/21/2013
220. The Bear And The Bunny 6/10/2011
221. Ode To Pizza 6/19/2011
222. The Standing Stones 6/16/2011
223. Rapunzel 6/16/2011
224. The Trojan War In A Nutshell, Page 1 Of 3 6/18/2011
225. Daedalus And Icarus, Page 1 Of 2 6/10/2011

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Best Poem of John Bliven Morin

Daedalus And Icarus, Page 1 Of 2

Daedalus watched the birds on high,
And wished that he could also fly;
But he did more than wish, bright man,
He studied wings and made a plan.
With Icarus, his son and heir,
Gathered feathers everywhere;
Made frames both strong and light,
Working steadily, day and night.
A thousand feathers for each wing,
Attached with wax and sap and string;
Leather straps to hold them tight,
Leather thongs to guide them right.

At last he proudly said, “My son,
With your help, our wings are done
And now we’ve only them to try;
With care, I think ...

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The U.S.O. Show

Slowly the mumbling soldiers file
in and sit at the U.S.O.,
Hoping to find a forgotten smile
In the dance and music of the show.

All attending, REMFs and Brass,
Applauding, cheering, laughing hard;
And while they sit there on the grass,
The Grunt is on perimeter guard.

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