John Bounds

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Biography of John Bounds

My father died when I was 5. It affected me very badly. As I grew I got angry, depressed and withdrawn. At an early age fell into drinking and drugs, got into trouble and along that way, but a teacher got me to write my feelings on paper in the 9th grade. She was my angel. She got me to grab a hold of a talent within. Which was writing. Ever since that time I expended my energy on writing stories, Screenplays, lyrics and poems. Although I fought depression for a long time, I have seen the sunshine in the rain. And have overcome it. Updates

Fade Away

My life has truely faded
away from the sun
And my words become jaded,
trite and overdone
Why am I left to wonder here
when things never change
is there nothing left to fear
unless my last breath kills the pain

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